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Self-Published – Now What?

Part of my writing journey through hell has been getting published. In the beginning, twenty-some years ago, I was published as a newspaper columnist just two months after deciding that I wanted to write for a living. Piece of cake, I thought. Fast forward to 2015. Getting published is even easier. With all the free self-publishing sites these days, getting my book in print or in digital format is child’s play. So now, after much hard work and sweat, I am self-published (again). But, now what?

So my ebook, “How to Become a Freelance Writer – The Newbie Guide to Freelance Writing, just hit the Amazon bookshelf yesterday. A very exciting day, to say the least. However, who’s going to read it? Who’s going to even find it smashed in-between Amazon’s millions of other books? Who is ever going to know what a great book this is with tons of useful links, help, and advice for newbie writers? What if I spent all those hours writing, researching, and editing for nothing?

Since I can’t let that happen, I have decided to be proactive. I’ve decided to let my book be known. Here’s how:

  • Word of Mouth – Of course, this is the most obvious way of letting people know that I have a new book out. Friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone else who will listen.
  • Social Media SitesTwitter, Google+, Linkedin, Facebook,etc. are great places to let your followers know that you’ve just published a new book. Hopefully, those same “friends” share the news.
  • Writing Forums -Writing forums, work at home forums, and other forums that are relevant to my books content,are also great sites to get the word out about my book and also provide a link. It goes without saying that I do not intend to SPAM anyone. Commenting on a post and offering advice along the link to my book is acceptable in most forums.
  • Free Classifieds – Yes, they can help. I wouldn’t expect to receive a ton of customers from these ads, but, hey, any amount is worth the effort.
  • Good Reads – Good Reads is a wonderful social site for authors and readers, alike. As an author with them, I was able to upload my ebook to showcase it. I can even comment and rate my own book (something about that doesn’t seem right to me, so I declined).
  • Articles – Last, but not least, article writing. By writing relevant, useful  articles, I will be able to add the link to my ebook.

These are just a few ways that I am promoting my new ebook. I will update this post in a week or two to let you know my results. If you have any suggestions, thoughts, or comments about how to promote a book for $0, please share. Until next time.

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILStarting out as a freelance writer can be a long, tough road to travel. Many want-to-be writers give up because they just don’t know how to start, where to find work, how to find helpful resources, or anything else required to be a successful freelance writer. Learn how to start, where to find work, secrets of a freelance writer, and much more in this complete guide to freelance writing.


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