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Should You Write for Online Content Mills? The Real Deal on Content Mills

When I began freelance writing two decades ago I didn’t have a computer and there was no Internet. But when the world of online started (for me, it was back in 1999) I was thrilled with all the so-called opportunities for writers to make money. Being desperate to earn a living as a writer, I decided to write for the content mills and earn the great income they advertised. What I found was a bunch of garbage sites and little, if any, payments. If you’re wondering if you should write for content mills let me share with you the real deal on these sites.

I, too, was desperate to earn income from writing. So desperate, in fact, that I sold my soul to the devil, so-to-speak. I registered with, what seemed to be, every content mill site around. When websites popped up I registered with them too. But no matter how much I wrote I barely made a dime. So what is the real deal with these websites? You be the judge.

Domainite – They are a business website that hires writers to write website content for other businesses. I started Domainite a few months ago. The site pays their writers 1 cent per word. Yep, just a penny a word. If you write for this site you will spend an entire 8 – 10 hours researching (the business websites you are creating content for offers very little information to work with) and writing almost all the content for another website just to receive $15.00. Surely, if you are talented enough to write all the content for a business website, then you’d be better off gaining your own clients who will pay you much more than $15.00. To the owners of Domainite: Shame on you for grossly under-paying your writers. If you think you can create great website content for an entire business website in under 1 hour, this might work for you. You can check it out here.

Liked Reviews – This site claims that you can make “tons of money” writing reviews of your choice. It seems easy enough. Pick a product or service and write a review. The only problem is that before you can even start to earn any money you need to submit 10 reviews. Even after that, you are paid based on revenue-sharing. In other words, you can write to your heart’s content and never make a dime. To be fair to Liked Reviews, I quit writing for them before I even reached 10 reviews. Needless to say, I didn’t earn even a penny from this site. You can check them out here.

Slice the Pie – If you love music and can write fast, this site might be okay for a few extra bucks per month. The site is simple. You listen to a soundtrack for several seconds and then you write a quick review. I don’t, unfortunately, remember the exact amount of payment but I did write one song review and earned twenty cents. I’m sure that if I kept at it, I would have made more. My biggest problem is that it’s too much of a bother for so little pay. You can check them out here.

Bubblews – Bubblews is a little different than other sites. Basically it is a social media site. Amount of pay for each article written is based on how many likes,dislikes, views, or comments. All you need to do is get people engaged in the article. I have written a few articles for Bubblews. It’s been a couple of years, but my bank is at $15.00. I don’t consider that to be too shabby since I rarely engage with the site. My biggest complaint is, that during those two years of absence, Bubblews changed the payout amount from $25 to $50. I guess I’ll have to write some more so that I can cash out my bank.You can check out some of my posts as well as the site here.

Hubpages – Hubpages is a revenue-sharing site. Another site that pays based on followers and advertisements. I haven’t made a whole lot of money from Hubpages but I admit, I’ve been a little lazy. I like Hubpages because it allows me to write about anything that I want. As a hint to you: write about current and trending topics and how-to articles, and make sure you have a good Headline so that the search engines can find your article. Currently, I have 0 followers, but that’s okay. If you read my previous post, “Are you a Lazy Writer?” you will know why I have 0 followers. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

Blogmutt – They are a blogwriting services website. They retain clients that need well-crafted blogs for their business websites. The pay is (at least it was when I wrote for them) $8 for a 350 word blog post. I actually loved writing for this website. I was able to make a decent amount of money and they always paid on time. Why don’t I write for them anymore?Because, well, apparently I messed up. Blogmutt is very strict on blog content and over-usage of keywords. I misunderstood the keyword usage rules and was banned as a writer. They show no leniency for keyword stuffing (by accident or not) and, even though I begged and pleaded my case, they yanked me. Still, this is one of the better content mills, so-to-speak, and I do miss writing for them. You can give them a shot here.

iWriter – This content mill site isn’t too bad. They have some high paying jobs and some very, very low paying ones. To qualify for the higher paying jobs you must meet certain qualifications. One requirement is that you must write 30 articles that are accepted before you can move up to higher paying jobs. I have only just begun with this site and can’t bring myself to write for pennies on the word. You can learn more about iWriter here.

These are just a few of the content mills that I have written for and the real deal on each one. As I continue my search for better pay I will gladly share with you. Should you write for online content mills? That is a question only you can answer. In my opinion, you will write and write and write just to make a few dollars. For me, my time and effort is worth more than a few pennies. However, if you’re just starting out as a freelance writer, than by all means, check out these sites. They might just work for you.

Be sure to check out my next post as I share some “real-paying” writing jobs. If you choose to try any one of the sites mentioned above, please let me know how it worked out for you. Until next time, have a great day!


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